Delhi O' Delhi Foyer

Nov 1-30 Old Delhi -An exhibition ofCharcoal works by Yuvraj Patil.

Convention Centre Foyer

Nov 1-3  Of Sea Breeze and Flowers  - A solo painting exhibition by Anjali Mittal celebrating nature and revisiting beauty in the sea breeze and summer flowers.  
 4-7 A Group painting exhibition by Soumen Dutta, Kaisha Ashish Dhingra and Yeish Mehra.

8-10 A Journey from Arms to Art  - A Solo painting exhibition by Ram Prakash Joshi. A retired army veteran from Uttarakhand follows his childhood fascination for the natural world by transforming his lifelong observations into compelling art.  

13-15 Submergence & Emergence - A solo painting exhibition by  Suryasnata Mohanty.
16-18 Moments of Happiness: A Painters Eye – A paintingexhibition in Oil and Acrylics by Anurita Kochhar and Dr. Sonali Kochhar.

20-23 Kamadhenu (The Holy Cow) - A solo exhibition by Rohit Sharma.

24-27 Force - A solo painting exhibition by Sanjay Chakraborty.

28-1 Dec Cocktail on the Wall- II - An exhibition by Winnie Singh and Khushroo Kalyanwala.

Exhibitions at the VISUAL ARTS GALLERY

Nov 2-7 Heaven on Earth ... A tribute to India! - A solo photography exhibition by Sharat Sharma.

9-14 Abstracts and Collages, My Journey In Art - A solo painting exhibition by Sailesh  Sanghavi.

23-27 Form Less- A solo painting exhibition by Nalini Misra Tyabji.

29-04 Dec Infinite Continuum - Art Pilgrim Live presents a group painting & sculpture exhibition by various artists: Prabhakar Kolte, Vanshika Agarwal, Chandanbez Barua, Pratul Dash, Akhil Mohar, Chandrashekhar Waghmare, Ranjit Singh, and others.



Nov 2-5 Angels In The City - A Solo Painting Exhibition by Deepshikha Khaitan.

7-13 Memories of Change: A Historical Exhibition on the Pamphleteer Campus and Indian Politics - A group exhibition of Archival, Oral, Video & Print works by various artists. Presented by the Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH), Fonds d’Alembert.  

15-16 Free-form - A Solo Black & White Photography Exhibition on trees by Dev Banerjee.

22-30 Craft Béton Outdoor Collection - A culmination of the romance between eight internationally acclaimed designers and the world’s most consumed material, cement. Curated by Somesh Singh & Iti Tyagi.

Experimental Arts Gallery

Nov 1 | Photography - An Art of Feeling Workshop - A solo photography exhibition by Ashok Kochhar.

3-5 Cerre des Dieux (Land of the Gods) - A solo painting exhibition by Sheela Karki.


Nov 8, 9 & 10: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm | IHC-Indian Languages Festival Samanvay - Log on to for the schedule.

17: 10:30 am - IHC Morning Ragas. A Sarangi concert by Ustad Moinuddin Khan from the Jaipur Gharana. Accompanied by Ustad Akram Khan (Tabla) and Momin Khan (Sarangi)

20: 1:00pm | TALK | Habitainment Quiz 2019 presented by India Habitat Centre & National Housing Bank. Theme: Frontier Technologies as an innovative tool to transform waste to wealth. For registration & details, please email:


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