Delhi O Delhi Foyer

1-31 March DOD - Delhi A solo exhibition of paintings by Mira Paintal.

Convention Centre Foyer

1-4 -Impression  A solo painting exhibition by Sujit Karmakar.
5-8 यूज समाधौ  (Yuj Samadhau) A solo painting exhibition by Prasanth Appadaveetil. 

Due to the recent developments around COVID 19, the Exhibitions in the Convention Centre Foyer stand cancelled. We regret any inconvenience caused.

9-13-Color Play A group exhibition of paintings by Meenaxi Sadalge, Dhavat Sing
 and Sharad Tarde

14-16 - A solo painting exhibition by Anita Sharma.

17 - 20 The Face as a Window to the Soul: Portraits and Life Drawing in oil A solo exhibition by Mohini Datt.

21-22 Eternal Spring A solo show by Dr. Subhash Malik ("Bhashi ji'). Curated and presented by Shumita Didi Sandhu of Eclectica. 

23-25 A solo exhibition by Yuvraj Patil. 

26-29 PADMAJA - the blissful awakenings, A solo exhibition by  3-dimensional ceramic artist, Karunaa Paal Gupta.

30-31 Doorways and pathways of life  A solo photography exhibition by Aparajita A. Mathew.


2 - 7  “Living Between the times 2020” A solo paintings exhibition by Milburn Cherian
9 - 12 “Earth Story - The Elements” A solo paintings exhibition by Bharti Prajapati  
13 - 14 Icelandic artist Mr Jakob Sigurdsson in collaboration with the Embassy of Iceland
16 - 17 “Natural Instincts” A group paintings exhibition of various artist
19 - 23 Solo paintings exhibition by Rupa Samaria. “A Bird Call” is a step in that direction, giving a voice to the birds’ silent call for help through a selection of thought-provoking art.


9 - 12 “It Belongs to me” A solo painting  exhibition by Sadhna Jain
14 - 15 “Numaish” Pixels-the photography society of Hansraj College presents a group Photography exhibition by college society
17 - 20 “Transparent Destiny” A solo paintings Exhibition Nafisa Yeasmin
22 - 25 "Art Confluence" 15th Annual CADD Art Show, a group show in support of victims of drunk driving and road accident tragedies featuring prominent artists including Paresh Maity, Jaishri Burman, Shobha Broota, Shamshaad Hussain, A V Illango, Gopi Gajwani and  others
27 - 31 “Mirrors” A solo painting exhibition by Sona Srivastava


1 - 10:00 am Morning Raga
6 - 7:00 pm THEATRE FEST: Old World Collegiate Theatre Festival 2020 
7 - 11:00 am Cloud in the Box presents portrait artists will paint, live, a portrait of an important person from the society
8 -   7:00 pm THEATRE FEST: Old World Collegiate Theatre Festival 2020 
13 - 15 HLC Annual Celebrations
24 - 6: 00pm Press Conference/Launch event on the occasion of World TB Day
27- 29 6:00pm A City Experience Festival
29 - 10:am IHC Morning Raga

Art Workshop by Rohit Kumar Sharma

Classes every Saturday and Sunday at Open Palm Court conference room
Venue: Palm Court Conference room
Timings: Saturdays, 2.30 pm - 5.00 pm and Sundays, 11.30 am - 2.00 pm
Fees:  Rs. 4,500/- for three months. The workshop is only for adult participants


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