114 mins

Jeo Baby

Festival And Awards

Imagine India International Film Festival Madrid


In the serene village of Teekoy, nestled in the hilly parts of Kottayam district, resides Mathew Devassy, a recently retired Secretary of the Co-operative bank, revered by the locals. With his wife Omana and father Devassy, their tranquil life is disrupted when Mathew decides to contest in the upcoming Panchayath by-election. However, shock ensues as Omana files for divorce, alleging Mathew's homosexual relationship with Thankan, a friend from the village. This revelation rocks the village, casting doubt on Mathew's candidacy and tarnishing his reputation. Despite Mathew's pleas of innocence, Omana remains steadfast in her decision, sparking a societal uproar in the conservative community. As the village transforms the divorce case into a spectacle, the film delves into the societal stigma surrounding homosexuality, shedding light on the struggles faced by gay individuals in a traditional setting. Omana's advocate argues that her actions stem from years of societal conditioning, highlighting the complexities of marriage and societal expectations. The film advocates for acceptance and understanding, portraying gay individuals as capable of love and normal relationships. Ultimately, Omana's fight for divorce symbolizes a larger battle for equality and acceptance, echoing the significance of the abolishment of Section 377 by the Supreme Court. Through its narrative, the film challenges societal norms and prejudices, advocating for compassion and empathy towards all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation.

  • Cast

    Mammootty, Jyotika, Sudhi Kozhikode, RS Panicker, Chinnu Chandni, Muthumani, Alister Alex, Joji John

  • Production

    Mammootty Kampany

  • Screenplay

    Adarsh Sukumaran, Paulson Skaria

  • Cinematography

     Salu K Thomas

  • Editing

    Francies Louis

  • Sound

    Tony Babu, MPSE

  • Music

    Mathews Pulickan

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