127 mins

Dominic Megam Sangma

Festival And Awards

Asian Pacific Screen Awards 2023 – Cultural Diversity Award; Locarno International Film Festival 2023; Busan International Film Festival 2023


In a village plagued by kidnapping fears, the church announces the arrival of a miraculous Virgin Mary statue along with a grim announcement from the village security head, Nengsal, who warns “ of an approaching apocalyptic darkness which will last for 80 days. Nothing will give light except for the Blessed Candles given by the priest”. Amidst this chaos, we follow Kasan, a 10-year-old boy suffering from night blindness, and his father, Nengsal. Through their perspective, we witness the village’s unprecedented challenges and the unintended consequences they inflict on their lives.

  • Cast

    Torikhu A Sangma, Balsrame A Sangma, Celestine K Sangma, Handam R Marak

  • Production

    Xu Jianshang, Eva Gunme R Marak, Anu Rangachar, Harsh Agarwal, Aditya Grover, Stephen Zacharias, Sun Li

  • Screenplay

    Dominic Sangma

  • Cinematography

    Tojo Xavier

  • Editing

    Mohan Kuma Valasala

  • Sound
  • Music

    Anon Ch Momin

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