90 mins

Fazil Razak

Festival And Awards

Rajata Chakoram for Best Debut Director at IFFK 2023; Rajata Chakoram for Audience Prize at IFFK 2023


Geetha (50) is a play school teacher and two-time divorcee with a history of
postpartum depression. She is attacked by Madhavan, her second husband, for meeting her
younger child, now in his custody. An injured Geetha suffers an epileptic fit and is pushed
into loneliness and depression. She tries to find solace in the children at the play school. Her long-time friends Hamza (50) and Uma (50) support her. Things take a turn for the worse when she’s falsely blamed for the death of a child at the playschool and loses everything, only to realise she’s also terminally ill and without money for treatment.

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