98 mins

Praveen Arora

Festival And Awards

International Film Festival Of India 2023; Chennai International Film Festival  2023.


Dhai Aakhar, an ode to love is based on the novel - "Teerthatan Ke Baad" by Amrik Singh Deep. It tells the story of a widow who rebuilds herself after years of being in an abusive marriage when she starts talking to an empathetic writer through letters. The film brings out the conflict surrounding such relationships in patriarchal society.

  • Cast

    Mrinal Kulkarni, Harish Khanna, Rohit Kokate, Prasanna   Bisht, Chandan Anand, Neer Raao & Smriti Mishra 

  • Production

    Praveen Arora, J.P. Agrawal, S.K. Jain Jamai & Kamlesh Agrawal

  • Screenplay

    Asghar Wajahat 

  • Cinematography

    Sandeep Gn Yadav

  • Editing

    V.S. Kannan & Rahul Jaiswal

  • Sound

    P.D. Valson, Niladri Shekhar Roy & Subir Kumar Das

  • Music

    Anupam Roy

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