147 mins

Rajdeep Paul, Sarmistha Maiti

Festival And Awards

29th Kolkata International Film Festival 2023 - Winner Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Award for Best Film in the Bengali Panorama Competition


An interfaith couple flee persecution in their village and begin a new life in the city, compelled to live on the open pavements like countless migrants. But their minds are captivated by a throne-like armchair in an exquisite showroom right beside their settlement on which they dream to sit together one day as king and queen. Barred from even stepping inside the showroom because of their social status, they make a promise to gift each other that seat of power as a token of their love. Leading harsh lives as a van-puller and a housemaid they stake everything to attain their seemingly impossible dream. Tempted by wealth, intellectualism and power they venture into the extremes of the society from the depths of its dark criminal underbelly to the heights of its bright elite upper crust. Unfazed by socio-political unrest, religious disharmony, rampant misinformation spreading on social media and rising threat of displacement of the dispossessed, their minds fly on wings of desire like moths drawn to fire. Will their desire destroy their love? Or can they rise from their own ashes like a phoenix and transform their desired seat of power into a seat of love?

Set in the heart of the bustling City of Joy, Kolkata, 'Mon Potongo' (Mind Flies) is an ode to the flight of desire - amoral, relentless, and unrestrained. Through the perspective of its ambitious working class protagonists who encounter an ensemble of characters from different tiers of society, the film not only explores both the dark underbelly and the dazzling elite society of a South Asian Metropolis but also the darkest and brightest sides of human desire as if weaving a fairy tale with the threads of social realism.

  • Cast

    Subhankar Mohanta, Baishakhi Roy, Seema Biswas, Joy Sengupta, Tannistha Biswas, Amit Saha, Anindita Ghosh, Tribikram Ghosh, Janardan Ghosh

  • Production

    Anjan Bose (Aurora Film Corporation)

  • Screenplay

    Rajdeep Paul & Sarmistha Maiti

  • Cinematography

    Rana Pratap Karforma

  • Editing

    Sarmistha Maiti & Rajdeep Paul

  • Sound

    Adeep Singh Manki (Sound Designer), Anindit Roy, CAS (Mixing Engineer)

  • Music

    Avijit Kundu, Rajdeep Paul (Song Composition & Lyrics)

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