Bhantu, Hindi
49 mins

Dakxin Chhara

Festival And Awards

Dharamshala International Film Festival 2023; International Social Justice Film Festival
Official selection; 13th Chennai International Documentary and Short Film Festival


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a collective of indigenous artists
belonging to India’s ‘ex-criminal’ De-notified Tribes and associated with Budhan Theatre,
decided to produce video podcasts of the impact of the pandemic on the margins. This
process was an effort to generate memory against processes of collective amnesia; and to
usher indigenous communities to the digital space in a post-pandemic context, where the
digital has become an essential component of our cultural and economic life. This film tells
the story of the makers, who did not stop recording despite losing members of their own
family along the way.
Mhara Pichchar combines storytelling with music, poetry performance and narration to bring to the fore issues and debates that are absent in mainstream media. The film traverses several strands covering the personal and artistic trajectories of the protagonists, using behind-the-scenes interviews of the creators and footage from the podcast as the narrative trope.

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