130 mins

Shonet Anthony Barretto

Festival And Awards

Best Director - Kolkata International Film Festival 2023;  Asian Film Festival Barcelona 2023; Jaipur International
Film Festival 2024


Village inhabitants near a forest in India are being killed by an unknown animal. Instigated by corrupt officials and the media, the villagers are inclined to believe that Avni, a tigress from the neighbouring forest, is responsible for the deaths. Labelled a man-eater, Avni’s life is in danger as fearful villagers call for her execution. Mihir Ghosh, a tiger conservationist from the city, works with the local Forest Department and village leaders to educate the people about co-existing with wildlife. Together, they challenge the official narrative intended to slander Avni, and work towards uncovering the agenda behind the shoot-to-kill order. Based on real events.

  • Cast

    Sanjay Suri, Ashlesha Thakur, Pratap Madhavrao Phad, Varun Gautam,
    Mitalee Jagtap Varadkar, Auroshikha Dey, Darshit Lahane, Nabeel Ahmed Mirajkar,
    Manwendra Tripathy, Gireesh Sahdev, Shruti Bapna

  • Production

    Asit Ghosh & Diana Ghosh

  • Screenplay

    Shaun Ward & Shonet Anthony Barretto

  • Cinematography

    Gopi Bhagat

  • Editing

    Tejas Wanjari & Sikandar Lbg

  • Sound

    Tirthankar Majumdar

  • Music

    Debojyoti Mishra

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