107 mins

Simi Khongtiang


Darika, a 14 year old girl living with her grandparents, is plagued with questions about her life that she cannot find answers to. She often wonders where her mother is who gave birth to her? What happened to her? Is she dead? Did she abandon her? What about her father? Why is she being raised by her grandparents and her unmarried maternal uncle? No one in the family would give her answers. Why?

This longing to know about her life has left her meek and quiet. As she tries to find her answers from those close to her, she's shut down from all quarters. Her grandparents tried their best to give her the best of life but deep down she knows that they are not happy. She was born a girl in a matrilineal culture and isn't her birth enough to bring joy to the family especially her parents and grandparents. What else is missing?

That is until she finds the letters that might be the answers to everything she has ever wanted to know. Will the letters solve the puzzles around her life, or will she be left with more questions

than she began?

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