140 mins

Sujay S. Dahake

Festival And Awards

MAMI 2023;  PIFF 2023 - Best Cinematography;  BIFFES 2024 - Best Indian Film;  Indo French Awards


It’s 1932, as the echoes of British marching approach, a group of inmates gather in a jail, eagerly awaiting a story from Pandurang Sadashiv Sane, also known as 'Sane Guruji'. With the promise of a tale as sweet as lemon syrup, he begins to recount his memories of growing up in the Konkan Region, highlighting his mother's impact on his life. Through his stories, Sane Guruji shares the lessons and values his mother instilled in him, including the importance of honesty and the sacrifices she made for her children. From the confines of the prison, Sane Guruji narrates the touching story of Shyamchi Aai, a tribute to the unbreakable spirit of a mother and her son.

  • Cast

    Gauri Deshpande, Sharva Gadgil,  Om Bhutkar,  Mayur More, Sandeep Pathak, Sarang Sathaye, Urmila Jagtap, Deesha Katkar, Gandhar Joshi, Aniket Sagvekar,Jyoti Chandekar

  • Production

    Amruta Arun Rao

  • Screenplay

    Sunil Sukthankar

  • Cinematography

    Vijay Mishra

  • Editing

    Mahanteshwar Bhosage

  • Sound

    Kunal Lolsure

  • Music

    Saket Kanetkar / Aabha Soumitra

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