Pari by Priya Sen. Humare Beech Mein by Rajkumari Prajapati & Ruchika Negi


Pari (Docu/ 2023/ Hindi/ 31 mins) Dir. Priya Sen. Pari attempts to describe an event in the days of Pari and Praveen, a violent rupture that allowed in a life held by desire and not duty. In this film, they recount their love story against the undertones and backdrop of threat and violence. The present is both fraught and romantic; the disruption of a past moment finds momentary comfort in recall; the future is hopeful.

Humare Beech Main ( Docu/ Hindi/ 2023/ 35 mins) Dirs. Rajkumari Prajapati and Ruchika Negi. A conversation between two women about making a film on caste. How does one show the ordinary, viscerally? How do you use the camera to  reveal structures of power and, maybe, even take back some power for ourselves? How does image-making help us negotiate, question and reflect on our differences? And as documentarians, how do we film caste? What do we show? What do we hide? Who has access? Who refrains? 

Shot on mobile phone cameras in western Uttar Pradesh, the Film seeks to explore the positions of the two women, Rajkumari, a social activist from Lalitpur UP, and Ruchika, a documentary filmmaker and educator from New Delhi, within the stratified structure of caste.