132 mins

Uttam Kamati

Festival And Awards

KIFF 2024; IFFK 2023 - Winner FSSI K R Mohanan Award for Best Debut Director; 16th Jaipur International Film Festival 2024 -  Award in Best Original Screenplay, Red Rose Award for Best Film, Best Cinematography Award, Best Actor Rabi Baskey; 15th Bengaluru International Film Festival 2024 


Norwegian academic Samuel breathed his last in a Santhali village, expressing his wish to be buried in the village. Bidu is driven by the desire to respect Samuel's final wish. Meanwhile, Bidu's young son grapples with the heartbreaking reality that his dream of visiting Norway, promised by Samuel, may remain unfulfilled. However, a glimmer of hope emerges with the arrival of Samuel's daughter, Lauren, in the village, breathing new life into the boy's shattered dreams.

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