95 mins

Rajni Basumatary

Festival And Awards

Kolkata International Film Festival - Best Film; Sailadhar Baruah Film Awards - Best Director; North East India Film Festival - Best Sound; Vancouver International Film Festival 2023; Third Eye Asian Film Festival 2024; Pune International Film Festival 2024;  Dhaka International Film Festival 2024


Set in the foothills of Bodoland in Northeast India, the story explores the lives of women in a patriarchal society recovering from decades of armed conflict between the State and separatist groups. Their experiences of repression and fighting back are interwoven. Preeti, a doctoral student from the city comes to the village for her fieldwork. Her romantic ideas of rural life are crushed after witnessing the effects that militarization and patriarchy have on the everyday lives of these women. Mainao and Gaodaang raise their teenage children as single mothers. Mainao's husband, a rebel, was killed by security personnel. Gaodaang's husband is a soldier in the Indian army posted along the country's border. Once inseparable friends, they are now struggling with the bitter legacies left behind by their husbands. Middle-aged Malothi is gang raped by an armed patrol one night. Her husband abandons her labeling her "unclean". But winds of change are about to blow.

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