98 mins

Sumanth Bhat

Festival And Awards

NFDC Film Bazaar WIP Lab 2022 - Winner of WIP Award; Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023 – South Asia Competition; Bengaluru International Film Festival 2024 - Winner, Special Jury Mention; Indie Meme Film Festival 2024, Austin, Texas



Mithya is a journey alongside Mithun, an eleven-year-old, coming to terms with the sudden loss of his parents. Things turn gloomier as their families squabble over his custody, even as questions over the nature of his Father's death remain unanswered. We walk in step with Mithya's tottering feet, as they search for solid ground. Can a new house be home, can friendships be forged again or is it all just a search for something long gone!

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