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The Deck The Deck
The Deck
Roasted Pineapple & Yoghurt soup
Labneh, Feta Stuffed Cucumber Carpaccio, Beetroot Hummus Spit Roasted Chicken, Oats, Fresh Tomato & Basil, Burrata Pumpkin & Roasted Aubergine Tacos
Spiced Fig Tart Tatin, Fresh Mango & Mint, Candy Walnut

Table reservations, call +91 11 4366 3318
Lunch: 12:30pm to 3:00pm | Dinner: 7:30pm to Midnight

The Deck

The Deck is back with a new look and an extended menu!

The menu has been created by Chef Sabrina Gidda of Bernardi’s London, among that city’s most exciting Italian chefs.

The menu features classic and regional Italian dishes with an emphasis on fresh pastas, handmade at the restaurant. It retains some of your old favourites too.

The much larger restaurants also has Private Dining Room and Specially curated Tasting Menus

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