La Sombra Del Sol/ The Shadow of The Sun


16th March 2024 | 04:00 PM
Stein Auditorium


Venezuela / United States


Spanish, Venezuelan Sign Language
100 mins

Miguel Ángel Ferrer

Festival And Awards

Venezuela’s Official Selection For The 96th Academy Awards;  Monterrey International Film Festival 2023 - Winner Best Latin American Feature Film; Festival del Cine Venezolano - Winner Best Actor (Carlos Manuel Gonzalez), Best First Film (Miguel Angel Ferrer), Critics and Press Award ; Georgia Latino International Film Festival 2023 –Best International Feature Film


Leo (Carlos Manuel Gonzalez) is a blue collar worker with a musical past living in the remote city of Acarigua, nestled in the Venezuelan inland empire. Haunted by financial debt and problems at home, he does anything to stay afloat.

One day, his younger brother Alex (Anyelo Lopez) who has been deaf since birth, offers him a solution: to participate in a musical contest in the capital, Caracas, performing a song that he has written himself because the first prize may solve all his economic problems. Forced by circumstance, Leo must take a leap of faith, unearth his dormant musical talent and do the impossible to change his and his brother's future by joining their voices in an unforgettable journey.

  • Cast

    Carlos Manuel Gonzalez, Anyelo Lopez, Greisy Mena, Jeizer Ruiz, David Olaves, Richard Clark, Camila Curtis, Pedro Alonso

  • Producer

    Álvar Carretero de la Fuente, Maritza Carbajal, Wil Romero, Miguel Angel Ferrer, Maria, Alejandra Guerrero Rocca, Hector Manrique Diguida, Edgar Padron, Jen Huang, Eric Gaunaurd

  • Screenplay

    Miguel Angel Ferrer y Guillermo de la Rosa

  • Cinematography

    Jose Duque

  • Editing

    Miguel Angel Ferrer

  • Sound

    Enrique Díaz

  • Music

    Sandro Morales