14th May 2022 | 04:00 PM
The Theatre



English/Romanian – English subtitles
54 mins

Carmen Lidia Vidu

Festival And Awards

One World Romania (RO), KineDok (RO), Astra Film Festival (RO), Transilvania Jazz Festival (RO), Classix Festival (RO), Segal Center Film Festival on Theater and Performance New York (USA)


During the lockdown that followed the outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Bucharest invited 60 artists from both countries to talk about their own future, as well as about the transformations their art could undergo during this period and after the end of the health crisis. The short videos they sent were posted on the ACF Bucharest and Radio România Cultural pages on the social networks. Very quickly, they caught the attention of tens of thousands of people in both countries.

Based on this success, the ACF Bucharest team decided to entrust to the locally very well-known Romanian film and theater director, Carmen Lidia Vidu, the production of a documentary gathering excerpts of all these artists’ videos.

The documentary #newTogether is a true dictionary of ideas and states of mind during the pandemic period and, at the same time, a unique project in the Romanian cinematographic landscape. It was initiated and produced by a foreign cultural institute and not by a film production company, which is a pioneering approach.

  • Cast

    Valentin Alfery, Gabriel Bebeşelea, Emőke Boldizsár, Cătălina Butcaru, Andreea Chira, Suzana Dan, Ruxandra Donose, Mercedes Echerer, Franzobel, Tudor Giurgiu, Ada Hausvater, Radu Iacoban, Claudia Ieremia, Matei Ioachimescu, Andreas Jungwirth

  • Producer

    Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest; executive producer, Andrei Popov

  • Screenplay
  • Cinematography

    the cast; Cristina Baciu

  • Editing

    Cristina Baciu

  • Sound

    Cristina Baciu

  • Music