Short Films


7th May 2022 | 02:00 PM
The Theatre



Short Film 1

Saboot/The Proof
(Short fiction/ India/Hindi with English subtitles/ 2019/ 20 mins)
Dirs.Nishtha Jain and Deepti Gupta.


A conscientious young gynaecologist comes face-to-face with the reality of the 'women's ward' in a government city hospital.


Short Film 2

Fathima, The Oracle
( Tibetan, Ladakh, Balti, Hindi, English with English subtitles / 2019/28 mins)
Dir. Geleck Palsang.


In a small village in northern India, a Buddhist spirit possesses a young Muslim girl. As she goes into trance, she speaks a language different from her own. This inexplicable phenomenon breeds hostility within her community.


Short Film 3

Then Comes the Evening
( Serbia/ Serbian/2020/ 28 mins)
Dir. Maja Novakovic.


Bitter poetry of everyday life in the isolated hills of Eastern Bosnia shows the care and intimacy of two old women, both in their mutual relations and in their relationship with nature.


Short Film 4

Yet Another Winter
(Short fiction/Nepal/ Nepali with English subtitles/22 mins)
Dir.Kiran Shrestha.


A faithful mother follows the rituals of the Shaman and embarks on a journey hoping that her deaf daughter might start to hear and speak.


Short Film 5

The Jujurana's Kingdom
(English/ 2019/  10 mins)
Dir. Munmun Dhalaria.


A journey into the Kingdom of Jujurana, one of the most vulnerable pheasants on our planet, residing in the backdrop of extreme socio-political pressures exerted on a beautiful temperate and subalpine forest landscape. The red-faced, blue-wattled, horned male of the species is a gorgeous pheasant, mesmerising the females with his breathtaking courtship dance. This short film on the filmmaker's journey into the kingdom of the Jujurana, highlights what it takes to protect this species at a time that India is rapidly losing its biodiversity.



Short Film 6

Water Flows Together
USA/English/2020 /12 mins )
Dirs. Palmer Morse, Matt Mikkelsen, Taylor Graham.


Water Flows Together is told from Colleen Cooley’s perspective, exploring the ways in which her upbringing and her native identity have shaped the way she interacts with the world. The film is a meditation on the challenges Colleen and her community have faced, the unique relationship she has with the San Juan River, and the unique opportunities her role as a river guide affords as she seeks to create positive change.



Short Film 7


( Docu/India/Marathi/2020/20 mins)

Dir.Yudhajit Basu

An ethnographic film exploring the legend of a Mahadeo Koli Goddess Kaldu whose story and identity remains impregnated in the consciousness of the women of the tribe even today.



Short Film 8

The Spell of Purple

(Short fiction/India/Gujarati with English subtitles/ 2020/24 mins)

Dir.Prachee Bajania.

The sole owner of a small field in tribal Gujarat, is the target of envious neighbours who brand her a ‘witch’, and lurk in the shadows of both her land and her nightmares. Enveloped in fear, she looks for strength in other women, even as a new mother deals with loneliness and a young married woman is forced to reckon with turmoil of her own.