9th May 2022 | 02:00 PM
Stein Auditorium

93 mins

Aimee Baruah

Festival And Awards

IFFI 2021 - Opening film , BIFFES 2022


DIRO a SAMSA man goes to a neighbouring village to take part in the HANGSEU BISU which leads him to be confined and incidentally dies there. As a consequence, DIRO's wife has to take the entire responsibility of his three children. Working as an assistant mid-wife, she has to face several experiences which she despises. According to the custom of SEMKHOR if a woman dies during child bearing the infant is buried alive along with the mother. Diro's wife got her only daughter MURI married to DINAR at the age of 11 yrs only. Unfortunately Muri dies just after giving birth to a girl child. In a society where a woman can't even take a decision, how Diro's wife brings a new life to the infant of MURI is like an indication of a new dawn in SEMKHOR.

  • Cast

    Aimee Baruah , Jagannath Seth, Sohandika Khersa, Prateek Hagjer, Ziyan Ranjan Saikia, Rudradeep Kemprai, Jarhidi Warisa, Arup Khersa, Joshadhya Hojai, Marshal Thaosen, Nilitha Langthasa, Drishant Kemprai, Sugan Langthasa

  • Producer

    Mala Baruah

  • Screenplay

    Aimee Baruah, Jintumoni Kalita, Uday Bhaskar Patar, Sasanka Samir

  • Cinematography

    Pradip Daimary

  • Editing

    Rantu Chetia

  • Sound

    Amrit Pritam

  • Music

    Amrit Pritam