International Film

March 17 - 26 ,2023

Ten days, 20 countries, over 60 films, Award-winning and critically acclaimed cinema from across the globe with a special package from Australia which is our Focus Country this year.

From factual to fantastical from surreal to sci-fi. HIFF brings you some great cinema.

Stories of love and longing, of isolation and relocation, nostalgia and fulfilment, oppression and discrimination; of self-discovery and coming of age; of determination, empowerment and hope. Further enriching this award-winning and critically acclaimed line up are some equally remarkable documentaries, shorts and animation films.

HIFF 2023

Virtual Reality Programme

In partnership with the Goethe Institute.

We are excited to have, for the first time as part of the festival, a Virtual Reality programme in partnership with the Goethe Institute. Innovative and interesting works of filmmakers from around the world, who are using Virtual Reality or 360 degree filmmaking to convey their powerful stories. The medium of Virtual Reality has long been conceived as a purely technological advancement, but these incredible projects by renowned creators and artists from all over the world will show you how storytelling in the 21st century can shift the way we perceive our reality and how these works impact our everyday lives. Don't miss the opportunity to open your eyes to a whole new world!