Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta

26th September 2023 | 07:00 pm
Stein Auditorium


Marathi with English subtitles
100 mins

Mohit Takalkar


 IHC Theatre Festival 2023. Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta. When we talk to one another, what are we really trying to say? The slipperiness and complexity of language gets a rigorous workout in this Marathi language play Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta. It is a high-concept romantic comedy on themes of language and communication. The play attempts to show how words can conceal and also how apparent banalities can carry value and meaning.

In a world where words are limited, love is put to the test. Aditya (Lalit Prabhakar) and Feroza (Mallika Singh), are a mismatched couple. He’s an idealistic musician, she’s a sensible lawyer. He thinks she’s too careerist, she thinks he’s just insecure because she earns more than him. But they love each other, in their own way. Then, the government passes a new law: from now on, everyone is limited to speaking 140 words per day. The so-called “Muskatdaabi / Antah: Shanti Law” threatens the basis of their relationship. Can they find a way to communicate their love in a world where words are scarce? Or will the Muskatdaabi Law tear them apart?