Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar


6th May 2023 | 07:00 PM
Stein Auditorium


105 mins

Parth Saurabh

Festival And Awards

San Sebastian International Film Festival – Special Mention – New Directors

Spirit of Fire Debut Film Festival – Silver Taiga Award

Pame Film Festival – Best Film 

Dharamshala International Film Festival

 New York Indian Film Festival

 Indian Film Festival of Bhubaneswar

Asian Film Festival Barcelona

Pame Film Festival

International Film Festival of Thrissur


Amidst the Covid Lockdown, Sumit and Priyanka, an eloped couple, are back in
their conservative hometown. While Sumit looks for work, unsuccessfully, Priyanka, who
has been estranged from her family, seeks to re-establish contact with her father. While she suffocates alone, rejected by friends and family, in their dilapidated room, Sumit's cele-
brated return to his tribe of friends, is a reminder of carefree days. He falls into a life of wastefulness, while Priyanka, unable to awaken a sense of responsibility within him, contemplates a return to the cradle of her estranged father's home. Unable to fulfill each other's emotional and tangible needs, every conversation between Sumit and Priyanka turns into a playground for an argument. As the town drowns in the monsoon, their relationship inches towards a tragic end.

  • Cast

    Abhinav Jha, Tanaya Khan Jha, Dheeraj Kumar, Sheelnidhi, Abhishek Singh Rathod,
    Nikita Gupta

  • Producer

    Achal Mishra, Parth Saurabh, Sonal Jha, Paresh Kamdar

  • Screenplay

    Parth Saurabh (Additional Screenplay – Abhinav Jha)

  • Cinematography

    Pradeep Vignavelu

  • Editing

    Parth Saurabh

  • Sound

    Rohan Deep Saxena

  • Music

    Yash Sahai