Anur: Eyes on The Sunshine

6th May 2023 | 11:00 AM
Stein Auditorium


162 mins

Monjul Baruah

Festival And Awards

Official Selections - IFFK (International film festival of Kerala), DIFF (Dhaka International film festival)


One morning a widow, who lives alone in the house that holds memories of her late husband, finds a gentleman sunning himself on her lawn. The trespass, which initially generated fear in her, ends up making a welcome intrusion into her claustrophobic loneliness, the loneliness which remained impermeable to the solicitous calls regularly made by her son living abroad, and to her other regular visitors. A maid comes regularly to do the household chores, a trusted young man is there who responds to her calls for household needs. But the surreal nights and empty days of the widow’s lonely life remained beyond their scope. It’s the trespasser on her lawn who comes to trespass into her lonely inner world too, as if she’d been waiting for his help to unburden her fear and explore her desire, to trespass into the world beyond her lonely widowhood. But however high the education, social status and individual integrity of the man be, is a widow, a mother, a grandmother for that matter allowed to reach out for him to break free from her suffocating lonely widowhood? The widower who trespassed on her sunny lawn makes her go for her bit of sun too.


  • Cast

    Rajat Kapoor, Dr. Jahanara Begum, Boloram Das, Udayan Duara, Rajashree Sarma, Bidya Bharati, Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika

  • Producer

    Dr. Gopendra Mohan Das

  • Screenplay

    Monjul Baruah

  • Cinematography

    Sumon Dowerah

  • Editing


  • Sound

    Amrit Pritam Dutta

  • Music

    Tarali Sarma