Dekh Behen 2

30th September 2023 | 07:00 pm
Stein Auditorium


English/ Hindi
80 mins

Prerna Chawla & Shikha Talsania


IHC Theatre Festival 2023. Dekh Behen 2 Wri. Dilshad Edibam and Tahira Nath. Prod. . After more than 100 shows of the first part, the sequel finally opens in August 2023. Five years have passed since the first play, and one of the bridesmaids from Part 1 is getting married in Jaipur. It is a vegetarian, alcohol free wedding, filled with orthodox in-laws and judgmental guests. But the gang of girls is back and committed to having a good time. They're older, but probably not wiser. Retaining all the fun of the first, and dealing with new and pertinent issues, Dekh Behen 2 is a celebration of female friendship.

The jolly group of characters from the original, who have grown on you, return for the sequel. The story starts five years after the first one ended: bridesmaids Manpreet, Trisha, Riya, Mindy and Reema are getting ready once again, this time, for Kanupriya's wedding. But while there are new plot points and social issues that the sequel handles, there is a definite sameness that you can't ignore.

Even in the sequel, there is great chemistry between the actresses, the dialogue seems as conversational and smooth flowing as the original, with Tahira Nath Krishnan as the loud and foul-mouthed Manpreet and Aastha Arora as small-town bride Kanupriya shining brightly. And while a play that is written and directed by women ensures that the female experience is told well, some of the jokes seem forced, like the writers are trying hard to recreate the DEKH BEHEN magic sauce.