Shorts package- Best of Critics' Choice Awards 2024


5th May 2024 | 2:00 pm
The Theatre


124 mins

Multiple Directors


Chupi Roh/ Stay Quiet ( Dogri/ 16 mins) Dir. Disha Bhardwaj. Chupi Roh is about a family of three, Leela Raju & their son, Abbu. They live in a small beautiful village deep in the Himalayas. Abbu is struggling with his identity while at the same time Raju is stricken by loss & failure. Amidst these issues, Leela is trying to find a way to deal with everything in the best possible way she knows.


Last Days of Summer ( Hindi/ 15 mins) Dir.  Stenzin Tankong. A recurring mysterious sound from the Himalaya mountains is only heard by two curious young shepherds. Unable to convince the villagers of the scary nature of such sound, they journey into the unknown to unravel the mystery.


Shurpankha ( Marathi/ 35 mins) Dir. Jayesh Apte.While India was excitedly celebrating its 25th Independence Day, siblings Madhav and Rukmini’s loving relationship is put to test. Skeletons buried deep in the closet are unearthed as the brother finally learns about his sister’s unconventional past and the choices she was forced to make by a close-minded society.


Sura/ Deity ( Kannada/ 28 mins) Dir. Sarthak Hegde. In the vibrant, fictional district of Danakallu, located in coastal Karnataka, India, resides Shekhara, a passionate Yakshagana artist obliviously devoted to his craft. His unwavering obsession lies in portraying the revered deity, Mahishasura, to a point where his devotion borders on delusion and rigid religious worship. Consumed by his artistic pursuits, Shekhara loses sight of his familial responsibilities and personal issues, as his world revolves entirely around Mahishasura.

Praanpratishtha/ Consecration ( Marathi/ 15 mins) Dir. Pankaj Sonawane.
In the scorching heat of Rural Maharashtra, an old man and a young boy toil tirelessly, their hands shaping a lifeless stone into a sacred idol, unaware of the fate that awaits them. As the village's annual Pran Pratishthana ceremony approaches, their hopes swell, yearning for recognition and reward for their craftsmanship.

White Ant ( Hindi/ 15 mins) Dir. Shalini Adnani. A man is summoned from Mumbai to his childhood home to deal with a termite infestation.