Habitat World Online Culture Calendar

In our on ground events, we are proud to collaborate with the Latvian Embassy on our upcoming film festival. These films, comprising of selections from Cannes, Oscar entries, and National Award-winners, are a rich curation to not only discover cinema from Latvia but also stimulate your visual imagination. Our first film from the festival, Blizzard of Souls (2019) is surreal war in all its glory, graced by an outstanding music score. Four White Shirts (2018) with its representations of the ‘60s-hippies, the Beatles and a hunger for freedom -  is a Cannes Classic. Manny (2020) with its Indian protagonist ties us with our common desires, ambitions, struggles and ways of living. Check out the complete programme on the Habitat World website.

Nicholas Hoffland’s Western Classical Music Walks are back at Amaltas! This week he takes us through the composers who wrote the waltzes to which the world dances in Just Waltzing Through.

Our online calendar continues with our weekly staples and some new ones. In this period of propitiating mother goddesses (the Navratri), the next episode from the Mohan Khokar Dance Archives presents important women dancers of India who created lasting institutions such as Rukmini Devi Arundale. Based on materials from the famed Mohan Khokar Dance Collection, the next two films feature Nari Shakti. Mohan Khokar was also the first male student of Kalakshetra, from North India, in 1945. Rare documents, letters, brochures and posters make this film memorable. It was first premiered at Kalakshetra itself 5 years ago.

The third lecture of the series, Glimpses of Culture with Benoy K Behl, art historian, film maker and photographer, is woven around the film Indian Roots of Tibetan Buddhism, which reflects on the vibrant intellectual climate at Nalanda.

If you missed the screening of S. Kalidas’s Hai Akhtari, a documentary film on the legendary diva Begum Akhtar by S. Kalidas, you can catch it on the Habitat World YouTube Channel.

Attendance for the on-ground events will be in strict adherence to prescribed Covid protocols.

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