Habitat World Online Culture Calendar

In the late 1980s, Mrinal Sen made a series of 12 short films for Indian TV, called "Kabhi Door Kabhi Paas". 34 years after its telecast, his son, Kunal Sen shares a copy of the long-lost shorts. We will be sharing one short from the series every week. This week, we present, ‘Das Saal Baad’ (After a Decade) starring Aparna Sen and Girish Karnad. We hope you enjoy it.

As part of our ongoing Peruvian Film Festival, this week streams Mataindios. To put an end to the suffering caused by the death of their relatives, four villagers come forward to organize a festival to placate the patron saint of the village. Our final instalments from I'm loving you madly’s vivid curation of 8 LGTBI+ short film series conclude with Alma and The body of the woman without a shadow.

IHC CONTINUUM this week features Murad Ali Khan, a sixth generation Sarangi player. Murad received intensive training under his grandfather Ustad Siddique Ahmad Khan and father Ustad Ghulam Sabir Khan, and today, is regarded as a leading Sarangi player from the Moradabad Gharana.

Our weekly updates from Another Screen and DBF Talks continue.