Habitat Film Club

The Habitat Film Club was started in March 2000. Member of the Federation of Film Societies of India, The Habitat Film Club won the 6th Pritiman Sarkar Memorial Award for the Best Film Society in Northern India for 2002-2003. The Film Club hopes to expose its members to the wealth and variety of cinema from across the globe. From the early classics to the avant garde styles of the new film makers, as well as films from mainstreams cinema showcasing the works of the legents and rising stars of Indian and World cinema.

Here's your opportunity to belong to a film fraternity that shares your love for films and experience the excitement of cinema like never before! Join now and get immediate access to forthcoming films and activities.

Membership Benefits

Film Festivals and Retrospectives
Face-to-Face Interactions with some of the most respected names in cinema - actors, directors, producers, writers and cinematographers
Previews and Premieres
Film Appreciation Courses and Workshops