Shamsur Rahman Faruqi

Date : Thu, 10 Oct 2019
Time : 7:00 PM

About the Event

one of the greatest Urdu writers, will speak on Dastangoi and on the book Dastangoi-2 (Rajkamal, Delhi) written by Mahmood Farooqui. The book contains Dastans that have become classics of Dastangoi performance by the Dastangoi Collective mentored by Mahmood Farooqui. The stories include Dastan-e Chauboli, Dastan-e Sedition, Mantoiyat, Dastan-e Karn Az Mahabharat, Dastan Alice Ki and others. Mahmood Farooqui and Darain Shahidi will read from the book. Venue: Gulmohar

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