Architecture & Society Series

Date : Wed, 14 Aug 2019
Time : 7:00 PM

About the Event

One Hundred Years – Reimagining Delhi | Part 4 - Rethinking the City as a Cultural Enterprise –The city has been imagined as a physical fabric to be configured by engineers and town planners. However, it has consigned the majority of the citizens to sub optimal living conditions. Is it possible to re-imagine urban planning and development as being led by humanities and the arts rather than by technocrats? Panellists: Ratish Nanda, Conservation Architect; Swati Janu, Architect and Community Artist; Shonaleeka Kaul, Assoc. Professor of Ancient History, JNU; Virkein Dhar, Architect & Performance Artist. Collab. Greha & Epistle Communications Venue: Gulmohar

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