Animals Out Of Paper

Date : Sat, 8 Jun 2019
Time : 7:30 PM
Date : Sun, 9 Jun 2019
Time : 7:30 PM

About the Event

Drama | English | Age 18+ | 1hr 30mins

Wri: Rajiv Joseph
Dir: Aditee Biswas
Cast: Geeta Sudan, Vivek Mansukhani, Sriharsh Sharma
Prod: Scene Stealers
Nina, a world-renowned artist, is stuck. That is until she opens her studio to an eccentric high school teacher, Andy, and his teenage student Suresh, a prodigy. These three intriguingly flawed characters begin to reshape and mold each otherís lives in much the same way they fold and crease their origami art. A quirky comedy about the collision of mismatched people and the complicated ways we hurt, heal and love those around us.

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