Wari - Jalsa - Celebrating A Journey of Storytelling

Date : Sun, 8 Jul 2018
Time : 7:00 PM

About the Event

Wari Jalsa is a celebration of an initiative which provides a platform for the lost art of live narration of folk tales. The stories and storytellers
1. Kaalchakra - A curious and humourous tale of the unpredictable path trodden by the wheel of time; of priorities, of fortune and misfortune and a refreshing new perspective on both.
Language: Hindustani. Duration: 15 mins. Adapted and Performed by: Valentina Trivedi
2. Neelkanth - This popular folk tale set in the picturesque land of Kerala talks of the love and warmth between an elephant and his mahout. Their experiences together bring forth the value of faith, hope and unconditional love.
Language: Hindustani, Malayalam. Duration: 15 mins. Adapted and performed by: Madhavi Menon
3. Bhaagya se Takkar - In this folk tale from Tamil Nadu, divine will comes face to face with a man's sharp intellect and is defeated. In a humourous vein, the narrative progresses with a nod towards some societal norms.
Language: Hindi. Duration: 25 mins. Adapted by Valentina Trivedi. Performed by: Valentina Trivedi and Nitin Sukhija
4. Poubi Lai - Adapted from an ancient folklore of Manipur about a giant python which inhabit the Loktak Lake.
Language: Hindustani. Duration: 15 mins. Adapted by Nicky Chandam. Performed by Tarique Hameed.
5. Dhol Cholom - Dynamic drum dances of Manipur, performed by men and characterised by energetic drumming, accompanied by complex rhythms and cross rhythms, jumps and aerial leaps.
Performed by Shyam Arts, Manipur.
Tickets at Rs.500, Rs.350 and Rs.200 available online and at the Programme Desk Habitat World, IHC. An Old World Culture presentation.

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