Stand-Up Comedy - Yeh Joke Hai Kya - Solo Stand-Up Comedy Show by Robin Puneja

Date : Sun, 10 Jun 2018
Time : 7:00 PM

About the Event

Robin Puneja is a self-proclaimed Theatre Actor and Stand-up Comic. He has done overacting in many Plays such as Run For Your Wife, 12 Angry Men. The World is going through so much turmoil and humanity is faced with many Global issues Lack of Education, Terrorism, Poverty, Unemployment, Climate Change etc.However, this show addresses none of these due to some personal issues. It is rather about inner turmoil where I share some personal experiences that have never been shared with anyone except with the people who came for previous shows.Tickets at Rs. 200, 350, 500 available online and at the Programmes Desk, Habitat World, IHC. An Old World Culture Presentation.

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