Planet Sand- China at War Against Deserts

Date : Thu, 15 Mar 2018
Time : 7:00 PM

About the Event

DOC FILM. Planet Sand- China at War Against Deserts (English/53mins) Dir. Thierry Berrod. China has always suffered from aridity, as about 20 percent of its landmass is comprised of deserts. Violent sandstorms from China’s expanding deserts have been battering numerous Chinese cities. The capital gets flooded by about half a million tons of sand every year, often reducing visibility to the point where even its soaring skyscrapers are barely visible and people are forced to stay indoors. The documentary shows how China tries to explore various solutions to overcome this problem like trying to water arid regions by seeding clouds with silver iodide, which creates “artificial” rain. Collab. CMS India

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