Lutf-e-Lucknow: Khana aur Gana
07-10-23 | 07:00 PM | Stein Auditorium

Lutf-e-Lucknow: Khana aur Gana A two-day festival of music and culinary delights of Lucknow. Day 1 Mehfil-e-Tarannum (Hindustani/90 Mins) a romp through the cultural journey of Awadh & Lucknow. Woven through couplets, songs and commentary based on different ragas and written in various Hindustani languages, featuring a musical & vocal performance by Askari Naqvi, accompanied by Zeeshan Abbas (Sarangi) and Niteesh Kumar (Tabla). Collab. Sanatkada & Naimat Khana. Tickets at Rs.500, Rs.350 and Rs.200 available online on and at the Programmes desk, IHC.