The Climate Challenge
28-06-23 | 07:00 PM | Gulmohar

The Climate Challenge (2019/India/English/ 23 mins) Dir. Rakesh Rao. A film on scientists conducting research in the Arctic, Himalayas, and the Southern Ocean which are facing the brunt of climate change. Followed by screening of Poland (2020/English/ 27 mins) Dir. Magdalena Krukowska . Manila, capital of the Philippines, is one of the most disaster-prone, polluted and congested places on earth and has been struck by typhoons, tsunamis, volcanic activity, and many other disasters. As the Philippine government decides to work on a new capital city, is it really possible to build an alternative capital city to the existing one? Would it really help the inhabitants of Manila? Who is the true beneficiary of such investments? Citizens, politicians or business investors? And, finally, is it possible at all to escape from the effects of climate change and constant pollution? The film looks for answers to all these questions. Collab. CMS Vatavaran.