Films on Environment and Wildlife
23-02-23 | 07:00 PM | Gulmohar hall

Films on Environment and Wildlife. Heroes of the Wild Frontiers: The Fragile Islands (India/English & Hindi/ 2019/ 22 mins) Dir. Krishnendu Bose. The film follows Hussain the Ranger, at Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Andaman Islands, who multitasks to protect the fragile islands. It documents the coral, one of the most productive and endangered wild fauna in shallow coastal waters, the diversity among the corals, unique footage of the saltwater crocodile, one of the most fearsome animals on earth, the Leatherback Turtle laying eggs, and the challenges they face because of climate change. Water Be Dammed (Canada/ Punjabi,Hindi/ 2020/35 mins) Dirs. Vanita Khanna, Romila Verma, Prab Kainth. We live on "the blue planet", abundant with water. Yet, we are now facing a crisis created by decades of mismanagement, unlimited depletion and pollution of the earth's water bodies, issues accelerated now by climate change. So how did we reach this crisis point? Collab. CMS Vatavaran