19th Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival
20-02-23 | 07:30 PM | Amphitheatre

19th Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival. 7:30pm Rumiyana Country : India.Performed by: Ishara Puppet Theatre Group. Direction: Dadi D. Pudumjee. Language: English, Musical. Medium: Puppets, Actors, Dancers, Animations, Projections. Duration: 55 mis. Recommended for 8yrs and above. Using puppetry, dance, animations, music and projections; this unique performance brings to life the works of the great mystic Sufi poet and philosopher Mevlana Rumi. A knock to the door by a student, begins a series of incredible life changing journeys and adventures; full of wonder, beauty, love, peace and amazement. It’s the timeless fable of a caged bird, which realises the spirit of freedom. It’s a saga of dreams and the secret of following your dreams. It’s a celebration of mankind’s diversity, as the audience discover the true meaning of the soul and all existence. A one of a kind show that will truly delight and captivate you and your children! Tickets available online on www.zoonga.com/ishara.