19th Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival
18-02-23 | 07:00 PM | Amphitheatre

19th Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival. Puppet Fantasy. Country : South Korea. Performed by: Theatre Sangsahwa Direction: Bonsuk Kim. Language: Musical, Non Verbal. Medium: Puppets, Objects. Duration: 40 mins. Recommended for all ages. Korea’s rich cultural heritage is brought to life in this unique, imaginative and spectacular show! Puppets, dance and music blend together, paying homage to Korea’s past, present and future. The colourful flower and butterfly symbolise happiness, the dancing crane showers good luck to one and all, and the angel brings hope and blessings into your life. There’s also a mischievous Grandpa hip-hopping, who brings laughter and great cheer. The wonder and joy of life’s beauty unfolds before the audience; reminding one of the importance of beauty, love and kindness in this world. Tickets available online on www.zoonga.com/ishara.