19th Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival
17-02-23 | 07:30 PM | Amphitheatre

19th Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival.  Aisha's Journey. Country : India. Performed by: Ishara Puppet Theatre Group. Direction: Dadi D. Pudumjee. Language: Hindi.  Medium: Puppets, Actors and Dance.: 45 mins. Recommended for all ages. A much loved Swedish children’s book comes to life in this inspirational and sensational Indian adaptation. Little Aisha discovers that God is going to make the sun disappear as we don’t take care of our world. None of the adults are willing to make him change his mind, so brave little Aisha travels to heaven to do so. She meets God and through a magical telescope they see the beauty and also the misery of mankind. God promises Aisha that he will lend the sun to earth for another 20 years, and then will look down again to see how humanity is. What do you think he saw then? Tickets available online on www.zoonga.com/ishara.