Swapner Din
15-02-23 | 07:00 PM | Stein Auditorium

Swapner Din (35mm/Bengali with English subtitles/2004/ 85 mins). To mark the birth anniversary of director, screen writer, and author, Buddhadev Dasgupta . Continuing our series of screenings of classic films in original 35mm format.The film follows Paresh, a government projectionist who travels through remote areas of rural India with his driver Chapal. The two men show educational films to disinterested villagers, while Paresh idolizes the image of a beautiful woman who appears in a surviving fragment of film. On the road, they encounter the pregnant Amina, who is attempting to reach an unspecified border to start a new life with her child. The trio forges an unlikely travelling alliance, just as they are also met with a series of setbacks.