19th Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival
14-02-23 | 07:30 PM | Amphitheatre

19th Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival. Gulliver's Travels. Country : India. Performed by: Puppet Shala Group. Design & Direction: Mohammad Shameem. Language: Musical, Hindi. Medium: Puppets, Objects, Actors & Dance. Duration: 50 mins. Suitable for all ages. Be prepared to be amazed by this colourful adaptation of the timeless children's tale by Jonathan Swift! Gulliver gets caught in a terrible sea storm, and suddenly finds himself a giant among men on the magical island of Lilliput. At first held a prisoner by the tiny Lilliputians, he wins over their hearts, showing them what acceptance, compassion, true friendship should be like. Filled with magical puppets, unforgettable music and dazzling scenery, this extraordinary adventure will teach all ages alike that it's never how big you are in size, but how big you are on the inside that counts. Tickets available online on www.zoonga.com/ishara.