Beyond Borders Feminist Film Festival 2022
02-12-22 | 07:00 PM | Gulmohar

FILM SCREENING | Beyond Borders Feminist Film Festival 2022. Avalde Ammede Arimaavu (That Darn Facepack) (20 mins/ Malayalam with Eng. subtitles/ 2022) Dir. Rose Paul . A story on ‘Cause and Effect.’ It shows the internal world of Anu, a 21 year old who suffers from Body Dysmorphia. Searcher (20 mins/ English/ 2022) Dir. Divya Sachar . The artist begins an imaginative search into how she developed her Schizophrenia and wonders if trauma is passed down genetically through generations. Atashi  (49.50 mins/ Bengali with Eng. subtitles). Dir. Putul Mahmood. Atashi was declared mad by her family and admitted to a mental hospital. Once out of the mental hospital, she fell in love and ‘plotted’ her own recovery.Collab . Kriti Film Club and Jagori.