Shorts to mark Pride Month
06-07-24 | 07:00 PM | Gulmohar

Shorts to mark Pride Month. Four compelling films offering varied perspectives on love and human experiences; symbolising the complexities of relationships; journeys of acceptance, transformation, and familial bonds; navigating adolescent years, exploring sexuality, attraction, sisterhood and self-discovery. Halfway (Fiction/ 2023/ English with subs/ 9 mins) Dir. Kumar Chheda. A turbulent couple finds themselves at opposing entrances of the Juhu beach, compelling them to walk towards each other and meet in the middle; Aalingan (Fiction/ 2023/ Hindi with English subs/ 17 mins) Dir. Prashant Patil. Paanvi has found the girl she loves with all her heart, and wants to come out to her parents. But on the day she decides to confess, an unexpected truth is unravelled; Flowering Man (Hindi/ 2023/ 23 mins) Dir. Soumyajit Ghosh Dastidar. Shashi undergoes a metamorphosis, as a flowering plant starts growing from inside his mouth. His distanced teenage daughter undertakes a journey towards embracing the new image of her father; Malwa Khushan (Fiction/ 2023/ Hindi with English subs/ 20 mins) Dir. Preeti Kanungo & Sourav Yadav. Set in rural India, this film is a journey of two sisters, Malwa and Khushan exploring and experiencing sexuality and attraction in their adolescent years. Collab. Kriti Film Club.