22-06-24 | 06:00 PM | Zoom

GLIMPSES OF CULTURE. The Temple Cosmos. Screening followed by discussion with art historian, filmmaker & photographer Benoy K. Behl. Prod. Doordarshan. The Indian temple is conceived as a place for the self-transformation of the devotee. A place where the noise and confusion of the material world are left behind: where in the sanctified silence, one may gain the knowledge of the oneness of all of creation. The temple is a place where the cosmos is replicated and explained to the devotee: from the representation of the unmanifest eternal to the multitude of forms of the world. As time progressed, the temple became more grand and complex in its depiction of this theme. The abundance of life and the depiction of innumerable creatures of the world thickly covered the walls of the temple. The central buttresses of the walls of the temple hold the images which are closest to the temple’s main deity. These represent an aspect of the deity in the sanctum. They make the deity who is deep inside visible on the outside.

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