Screening of Aavartan(2021/Hindi/117 mins) Dir. Durba Sahay. Cast: Sushma Seth, Guru Shovana Narayan, Sunit Razdan, Surender Kumar, Mrinalini, Gurjeet Singh Channi, Kristina Dolinina, Anoushka Sahay Guha, Aastha Grover, Smera Negi. The film revolves around an eminent maestro “Guru Bhawna Saraswati” of an established and prestigious dance tradition “KATHAK”. She introduces one of her disciple’s Renuka, who becomes a star overnight. Having tasted the limelight, the disciple choses to move a step ahead from her Guru, which puts Guru –The famous Maestro in a state of insecurity and identity crisis. The Guru Bhawna, not knowing how to deal with her emotional crisis, starts rejecting Renuka, which turns out to be a painful experience for Renuka. Bhawna’s Guru -Guru Gaytri Prabha Devi resonates with Bhawna’s emotional state, having gone through similar experiences in her artistic journey. She skillfully manages to cut the cords of ignorance and ego Bhawna is in. In the end, Bhawna and Renuka’s Guru-Disciple relationship evolves to a higher dimension and Bhawna decides to make Renuka the custodian of the form she has inherited. The film features the cycle of GURU-SHISHYA relationship. How it begins, evolves, ends and how a new cycle begins again, covering four generations. The screening is followed by a performance by Guru Shovana Narayan & her disciples. The evening concludes with a Q & A with the Director, Cast and Crew members.



25-02-21 | 06:00 PM | The Stein Auditorium

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