Indian Habitat Centre
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IHC Visual Arts Gallery

India Habitat Centre, an iconic building in the heart of the city is the centre of contemporary art & cultural, economic, business and social events. The concern for the habitat and its environment works as the backbone of this pulsating complex.

The sheer expanse of almost 5000 square feet of space works as an art exhibition area promoting new ideas and talent. Adjoining it is the sculptural park with creative work spread for public viewing. It gives an opportunity to new talent to display their potential by presenting original and challenging work across the arts and displaying an innovative way of thinking about culture.

The Habitat Visual Arts Centre (HVAC) hold regular professionally curated art exhibitions which also work in a more subliminal manner by ensuring that each art exhibition has  a set of related activities, which would enhance and explore the art medium on display. With the integration of different art forms and a movement towards a multi-disciplinary approach towards the understanding and dissemination of art, India Habitat Centre has been a pioneer in injecting this much needed upward trajectory.

The exhibition space at the Habitat Centre is a dynamic and interactive space  which showcases works of well-known artists and also promotes and provides a platform for upcoming artists, whereby, giving them opportunity to be more focused on the process rather than the work itself. The exhibition space can be utilized for holding regular talks, seminars, dance & music performances, videos, site-specific installations and informal discussions where the gap between the artist and the viewer can be bridged.