Delhi O' Delhi Foyer

Feb 1-28 Soul of Delhi Solo Photography Exhibition by Atul Pandita

Convention Centre Foyer

Feb 1-5 Of Miles and Me- A photo travelogue | Edition 3 Solo Photography Exhibition by Nipun Nayyar.
Feb 6-9 Solo Painting exhibition by Dipnarayan Paul.

Feb 10-14 MOJO NAMA Whimsical, Intuitive Paintings with a child-like quality by mixed-media artist Nalini Misra Tyabji.

Feb 15-17 Solo Painting exhibition by Pritha Somdutt
Feb 18-20 A Touch of Madhubani by Neha Dasgupta. From the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal to fishes and owls...Neha Dasgupta brings a touch of Madhubani to her pen-and-brush illustrations inspired by her travels to different parts of the globe and her love for history.

Feb 21-25 Megh Malhar Solo fine art photography exhibition of Clouds & Monsoons by Sanjay Marathe  Monsoons in the Western Ghats arrive with a bang and transform mother Earth in a rhapsody of colours and emotions in the sky, and lush green tranquillity on the ground.

Feb 26-28 Aarika - Admired Reflections A group show of Paintings by Swati Joshi Phatak and Ashima Bansal.


1-11 India’s French Connection, Indian Artists in France Delhi Art Gallery presents a Group painting exhibition by various artists.

13-18 Crafting Design for Living Spaces Delhi Craft Council presents a group exhibition of crafts by various artisans & designers.

20-21 Rockscapes A solo painting exhibition by artist Vinod Sharma.

2 -23 The Annual Show of Indian Art – 2018 Secure Giving presents a group painting and sculpture exhibition by around 35 artists.
25-28 Virgin Lavender Solo paintings, photography and art installations. An Exhibition by Suchismita Sahoo.

Open Palm Court Gallery

29th Jan - 9th Feb Transcending Jerusalem: JLM through Indian Lenses A group photography exhibition by Indian & Israeli artists.

11 - 19 Mela Phulkari V 1469 presents a group exhibition of Punjab and Phulkari - art installations, ceramics, jute, & metal.

21 - 22 CAAD presents a group exhibition of paintings and sculptures

Amphitheatre, Experimental Art Gallery and Other Venues

Programmes celebrating 25 years of DAG (Delhi Arts Gallery)

7 Feb - 7:30pm | PICASSO: Modern Artists Legacy in the 21st Century Panel Discussion: Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, President of the Museo Picasso, Prof. Devika Singh, Art Historian Cambridge and Owais Hussain and Yusuf Mehta, the heirs of M.F Hussain & Tyeb Mehta respectively. Venue: Silver Oak Conference Room
8 Feb - 12:00pm | BEAUX ARTS DE PARIS: Modern Artists Legacy in the 21st Century Panel Discussion with Jean-Marc Bustamante. Venue: Jacaranda Conference Room

11 Feb - 11:30am-4:30pm | Sharing Spaces: An Indo French Conference on Art and Museums Celebrating 25 years of DAG, this Conference on Art and Museums bringing together key speakers from India and from France, within the India’s French Connection Exhibition at the Visual Art Gallery of IHC.
Speakers: Ashish Anand, CEO of DAG; Peter Sloterjdick, world renowned philosopher; Fabrice Bousteau, chief editor Beaux Art Magazine; Manuel Rabate, Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, Director General; Catherine Chevillot, Musee Rodin, Director; Kiran Nadar, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art; Rajiv Sethi, Asian Heritage Foundation; S. Mukherjee, CSMVS Museum director; Prof Eric de Chassey, director general National Institut of History of Art – Paris; Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Artist and Principal, Jean Marc Bustamante; Vivan Sundaram, Artist; Tasneem Zakaria Mehta, Art Historian and Hon director of Mumbai's Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum; Dr Alka Pande, Art historian and art expert IHC. Venue: Amaltas

The Book of Arts | 11-13 Feb
Venue: Amphitheatre, Open Spaces & Experimental Art Gallery

An Indo-French initiative by curator and art expert Dr. Alka Pande and publisher Mr. Marc Parent in the framework of Bonjour India. It aims at being the annual meeting time and place for publishers, art curators, educationists and experts in Art history. Conducted over three days, it will connect the readership, including the younger audiences, with the future of art book publishing, along with all the digital innovations and the revolution happening in the framework of art itself.

Sunday, Feb 11 
3-5pm, Amphitheatre: Inauguration talk by Dr. Pande and Pr. de Chassey
5-6.30, Amphitheatre: Launch of “Dance of Siva” by Katia Legeret (session curated by Niyogi Books)

Monday, Feb 12
9-10am, Experimental Art Gallery: Professional workshop n°1 curated by Mapin Books
10-11am, Experimental Art Gallery: Professional workshop n°2 curated by Full Circle
1-2pm, Experimental Art Gallery: Children workshop n°1 by Bulbul Sharma
6:30-8pm, Amphitheatre: Launch of “Brigitte Singh” by Bishwadeep Moitra (session curated by Mapin Books)

Tuesday, Feb 13
9-10am, Experimental Art Gallery: Professional workshop n°1 curated by Roli Books
10-11am, Experimental Art Gallery: Professional workshop n°2 curated by Sanjoy Roy
1-2pm, Experimental Art Gallery: Children workshop n°1 by Samit Das
6:30-8pm, Amphitheatre: Special talk with Kishore Singh (session curated by Delhi Art   Gallery)



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